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Essex Minibus

Essex is filled with activities all year round. There are plenty of fun activities for both single people and families. The Imperial Bird of Prey Academy is one of the top attractions. The academy is open to members of the public all through the year. It has plenty of fun activities for children of all ages. Snakes Alive is a reptile facility that introduces you to different types of snakes. It has indoor and outdoor events all year round. The facility hires out the animals for various events including photo shoots, themed parties, and music videos. Other attractions in Essex include; Adventure Island, Stay and Splash, Rollacity, Southchurch Hall, Gunners Park, and Boydells Dairy Farm. You can make the most of your time in Essex by using a minibus rental to get through the town. With a minibus, you can get through the town's attractions fast and comfortably. If you are travelling with kids, the pressure of getting sufficient enough space and comfort may be even higher. Hiring smaller cars may not be the right choice. Minibuses have a bigger holding capacity, and they provide plenty of room for holding your luggage.

Essex minibus and Coach Hire

Essex Minibus and Coach Hire offers various types of vehicles for hire, including a 33-seater coach and 16-seater Ford Transit, both with a driver. They also have an 8-seater Mercedes Vito available. The company provides private hire services for transportation in Essex and the surrounding areas.

The postcodes covered by Essex Minibus and Coach Hire include: CM, CO, RM and SS.

In Essex, there are several popular places to see, including Colchester Castle, the oldest recorded town in Britain, and the seaside town of Southend-on-Sea. There are also several festivals taking place in the area throughout the year, such as the Southend-on-Sea International Festival and the Clacton Air Show.

The quality of service provided by Essex Minibus and Coach Hire is highly rated, with competitive pricing for their private hire services. Contact the company directly for more information on prices and availability.

How To Rent Essex Minibus 

A minibus ensures that your entire group arrives at your destination at the same time. If you are transporting a team or a wedding party, a minibus is your best bet. The service you get depends on the type of company you hire. The following are some things to consider when renting Essex minibus.


Take time to find a reliable company. If possible, find minibus charter companies. They are reliable, and they offer you a driver that is familiar with the minibus. Ask your networks for recommendations based on the companies they have used in the past. You may also check the websites of different companies for reviews. Companies with a lot of positive reviews are likely to offer you excellent service. If a company has more negative reviews than positive ones, they are wrong. On their website, look at images of their fleet and the information on how to book your minibus rental.

Ask About the Amenities

Different companies offer different amenities. If you have any special preferences, ask if the company offers them. Contact the company and ask any questions you may have. Do not be afraid to seek clarifications or raise your concerns. If a company does not provide amenities that are important to you, look at the nest one. Do not settle for a company that does not guarantee you utmost comfort.

Ask About Diving Restrictions

Companies may offer their minibus for hire without a driver. In such instances, they place restrictions on who can drive. Most of them prefer qualified drivers and place age restrictions. Find out the consequences of failing to abide by these restrictions. If you are unable to abide by a company's driving regulations, you may need to hire a different one. Hiring a minibus with a chauffeur is ideal for touring, business conferences, and parties.

Ask About Customised Deals

Getting customised deals may increase the convenience of your minibus. Ask a company if they offer personalised deals before you commit to them. Every trip is unique, and your Essex minibus should be able to meet the needs of your trip. Explain your expectations and needs of the company and ask if it is possible to get a customised quote. If the company is unable to meet our needs, they are not the right fit.

cost of minibus and coach hire

One of the most important things to consider when hiring your Essex minibus is your budget. Determine the amount of money that you are willing to spend on the trip and how much compromise you can make. Even though it is important to be flexible, you need to decide on the amount of money you can spend. Find a company and a minibus that fits your budget.

The Safety Benefits of Hiring a Minibus

Travelling in a minibus is not only fun but also safe. Along with convenience, affordability, and comfort, hiring a minibus may increase your safety while travelling to different places in Essex. The following are some of the ways that hiring a minibus increases safety. 

The cost of minibus hire in Essex varies depending on several factors, including the number of passengers, the length of time the vehicle is needed, and the distance traveled. The wages of the driver are also a factor in the cost, as the driver is regulated by the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA).

A 24-seater minibus may cost around £600-£900 for a one-day rental, while the cost of a 33-seater coach hire could be around £600-£900 for the same time frame. A 49-seater coach may cost upwards of £900 for a day's rental.

For airport transfers, the cost will depend on the airport's proximity to Essex, as well as the distance traveled. Closest airports to Essex include Chelmsford, Gatwick, Heathrow, and Luton.

It's recommended to get in touch with Essex Minibus and Coach Hire directly for a more accurate and detailed quote, taking into consideration the specific requirements of your journey.

You Can Travel Together

If you are travelling with a large group, a minibus makes it possible to travel in the same vehicle. If you split your group, you may not know about the welfare of the other members. Travelling together ensures that you know about the welfare of every member of your group at all times. 

Professional Driver

  • Professional Driver

Travelling with a professional driver with a lot of experience reduces your chances of getting into an accident. You may not have that driver within your group. If, however, you hire a minibus, you get the services of a driver who can drive long and short stretches well. 

Secure Storage

  • Secure Storage

With a minibus, you get plenty of space to store your luggage while travelling. You do not have to leave behind important stuff. You can travel with as much luggage as you need without having to worry about its safety. 

You Always Have a Designated Driver

  • You Always Have a Designated Driver

If you are in Essex for entertainment, there is a chance that alcohol may be involved. If you rent a minibus, you get a chauffeur who will drive you back safely. Every member of your group can enjoy their drink without worrying about being the designated driver. 

Secure Routes

  • Secure Routes

If you are visiting Essex or the first time, you may not know which routes to follow. Your minibus driver, however, has experience in the business. They know the routes which are safer than others. The risk of following the wrong routes is reduced.

If your next adventure takes you to Essex, your Essex minibus may help you to get through the different attractions safely and fast. Ensure that you travel in a minibus whose interior is as pleasant as the exterior. Find a company that offers you the best service at the lowest price.

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